Extreme range wireless Smart-Valve

STREGA LoRaWAN wireless smart valve is an all-in-one battery operated valve of superior quality and of exclusive design with embedded LoRa LPWAN wireless technology. With its ultra-low-power consumption, the valve can operate on batteries during 10+ years and through extreme long distances from the gateway/concentrator with an exceptional obstacles penetration.

  • Ultra-low consumption with exclusive corrosion proof mechanism design
  • Secure operation with top-down encryption (AES128 + VPN)
  • 10+ years battery autonomy
  • Fraud resistant with tamper
  • License free operation on 868MHz or 433MHz (Europe, Middle East) – and in 915 MHz (USA)
  • IoT ready (compliant with all Internet of Things platforms)
  • Bi-directional deep indoor communication
  • Daily keep-alive signals
  • Extreme range links: 10+ km in LOS – 2 km+ in urban area – 22+ floors inside buildings


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