Wireless Borehole Data Logger

The WDL-x14 is a small, battery powered, cost effective ultra low power data logger with built-in cellular modem. The IP68 rated well data logger enclosure is slim enough to fit a 2″ borehole and is designed to fit a www.prohydroinc.com lockable well cap. This well data logger, is further provided with a 4GB micro SD-card and an 2FF SIM-card slot.



The borehole logger is powered by an internal 3.6 Volt Lithium battery (SAFT LSH20-CNR or equivalent only) that will last for years when the data logger is configured in a low power mode. The battery can be replaced by detaching the top cap, no need to remove the well data logger and sensor from the borehole.


External sensors are powered by the data logger itself, to prevent them to consume power while the data logger is asleep. The data logger is provided with an IP68 rated venting plug, integrated temperature and barometric sensor that can be used for compensating the readings of low cost absolute pressure level sensors. 

Logged data are pushed to a central server host by HTTP, FTP, e-mail(SMTP) or secure TCP (CHAP) at configurable intervals.

The WDL-x14 is available with GPRS or 3G cellular modem in 2 editions:

  • WDL-x14AD-LI: acquires physical signals from 2 current loop inputs, 2 voltage inputs and 1 digital input
  • WDL-x14DS-LI: 1 DI and one serial port to capture measurements from ASCII, MODBUS/RTU or SDI-12 compatible sensors




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Features Presentation


  • Data logging
    › 1 second to 1 day intervals 
    › regular, alarm and independent intervals 
    › daily operation time bracket (e.g. 07:00AM to 20:00PM or 21:00PM – 06:00AM)
  • 4x analog inputs (WDL-x14AD-LI)
    › 2x current loop inputs (0/4..20mA, 12bit resolution)
    › 2x voltage inputs (0..10V, 12bit resolution)
  • 1 x digital input (status, event or pulse counter) i.e. to connect a float switch 
  • Internal sensors (battery, barometric pressure 10…2000 mBar, casing temperature, signal strength)
  • 8x calculation channels, to derive engineering values from sensed values using mathematical operators and functions (a/o cos, sin, atan2, ln, sqrt)
  • 1x Serial port (WDL-x14DS-LI) for connecting external sensors (RS-232, RS-485 or SDI-12)
  • Serial port drivers
    ASCII: Sensors autonomously outputting readable lines of numeric values 
    MODBUS/RTU: Read-out value registers from MODBUS/RTU slave devices 
    SDI-12: Read-out of up to 16 devices with up to 20 parameters per device using aC!, aM!, aCx! or aMx! commands.
  • 1x digital open collector alarm output to switch on a relay in case a parameter value is outside its limits (e.g. a low water level)
  • Built-in cellular data modem
    WDL-214: 2G (QUAD-band GPRS)
    WDL-314: 3G (900/2100Mhz UMTS/HSPA with GPRS fallback)
  • 2FF (Class B) SIM-CARD slot


Power Consumption


  • 100mA@3.6V average operating1) current during a duty cycle of less than 1 sec2) per log interval
  • 250mA@3.6V average operating current during 20…60 sec. cellular data transfer
  • 100uA@3.6V sleep current
  • 12V@100mA switchable power outlet to power external sensors
  • 3.6V DC power supply by internal Lithium battery3)

1) 100mA if no external sensors need to be powered
2) <1 sec. if external sensors are responsive and don’t require time to “warm up”
3) Recommended SAFT LSH20-CNR battery not included

 Check our power consumption calculator here !


datalogging and alarms


  • Data push:
    › configurable: from 1 minute to 1 day intervals
    › regular and alarm intervals (direct push on alarm raise or fall)
    › daily operation time bracket (e.g. 07:00AM to 20:00PM or 21:00PM – 06:00AM)
    › native, JSON or CSV log files by HTTP, FTP, e-Mail(SMTP) or secure TCP (CHAP)
  • 4GB SD-CARD slot (industrial grade SD card recommended)
  • Alerts by SMS
  • Configuration by:
    › USB (local)
    › TCP  
    › Web-browser 

Enclosure details


  • Enclosure properties:
    › Rugged polycarbonate enclosure 
    › M12 venting plug.
    › 7 pole Hirschmann connector (male and female parts)
    › IP68 (tested immersion: 2 meters for 30 minutes)
    › 40mm bottom cap and tube diameter 
    › 59.6mm top cap and flange diameter 
    › 6mm top cap height 
    › 8mm flange height 
    › 350mm total length
    › 250g total weight, excluding battery
  • Optional wall/pole mounting bracket (PMB)
  • Integrated GSM antenna, external GSM antenna is optional
  • Wide temperature operating range –30°C…+75°C