Extreme range time-controlled transceiver for Irrigation valve

The STREGA wireless time-controlled Emitter has been designed to provide a seamless ultra long range wireless capability to irrigation and sprinklers valves. With its embedded time controlled features, forget irrigation controllers and forget wiring ! Simplify your topology with a robust and long lasting solution.

With its ultra-low-power consumption, the STREGA wireless time-controlled emitter can operate on batteries during 7+ years* (calculation based on 3 irrigation periods/day – all year long) and through extreme long distances.   LoRaWAN technology provides an exceptional obstacles penetration even in urban or sub-urban areas. No more irrigation controllersare required: pilot directly your valves or set your irrigation schedules from your control center, phone or tablet … directly at zone level !   The device is powered by one or two Lithium batteries or even by an external power source like a micro solar panel for unlimited time operation.





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