Smart Gateway with LoRA technology

passerelle lorawan

New gateway integrating LoRaWAN radio technology to create your own low-speed, private LoRa network.

The purpose of this LoRaWAN gateway is to concentrate all LoRA transmitters on a single point, in order to communicate
with a Control Room supervision, a local Modbus/BACnet controller or a remote server.

CLOUDGATE is an industrial grade concentrator solution, Din rail mounted, with extended temperature range (+70°C) enabling it to be integrated in harsch conditions.

CLOUDGATE provides powerful features:

  • Manage up to 1000 LoRa sensors
  • Settings through your web browser
  • Programming environment through SDK or “Luvitred” (a dedicated version of IBM Node-red)
  • More than 25 extension boards available (Serial, KNX, I/O’s, Zigbee, MBus, Monnit, Ethernet PoE, etc…)..
  • LoRAWAN gateway available in Ethernet, 3G or 4G/LTE version



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Single site private Network

The simplest network topology, allowing sensors to be added, updated or deleted without having to manually redeploy the entire chain.

réseau lora privé

Examples of Luvitred programming:

node-red lora


node red lorawan

Multi-sites private network

To extend the range of the LoRA network, a CloudGate can be configured as a LoRAWAN gateway and another as a LoRAWAN server. Several CloudGate devices can work together to increase the reach of the LoRAWAN network.

réseau privé multisites lora

Multi-sites public network

The CloudGate can be configured as a pure “LoRaWAN packet forwarder” to connect the sensors to a third-party LoRaWAN server (Actility, LorIoT, Cumulocity, …).

réseau public multisites lora