ARF-868 Wireless Radio modem for serial link RS485

arf868 arf868

Range of 868 MHz radio modem for transmission range of a serial link
Unlicensed radio modems
Frequencies 863-870 MHz
Transmission distance of 1 to 20km 
Transmission speed of 2.4 to 57.6 Kbps
RS232/485 Port or USB (optional)
Repeater function
External or integrated antenna
Configuration via AT commands or dedicated software
4.5 to 36 VDC power supply
Protection IP53 or IP67

The benefits of this wireless solution are obvious for RS485 communication:

  • real-time wireless communication from any type of information
  • Simple and quick installation: just a pair of radio modems ARF868 to replace a RS485 cable
  • Cost effective solution: it avoids infrastructure work inherent in a cable connection.
  • Data transmission over a distance of up to 20km in open field !

About ARF868 range

The ARF868 products are available in 4 references and use unlicensed radio modems (European 863-870MHz). With power ratings from 25mW to 500mW, these radio modems range ensure data transmission without bidirectional half-duplex wire for distances up to 20km.

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